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Press Release 1st Semi-final “Ferrari and Fashion” competition


1st Selection International Contest

“Ferrari and Fashion”

The first group of finalists of the International Fashion Contest “Ferrari and Fashion” were selected at the semi-final held on Sunday 17th May, in the prestigious Castelgandolfo Golf Club. The selection was undertaken during the “Scuderia Ferrari Club Golf Challenge 2015”, the first of 11 events of the international golf tournament.1

The four finalists selected were Piera de Blasio (Accademia di Moda Maria Maiani – Roma), Letizia Pecoriello (Accademia Italiana Fashion Style di Moda e Arte – Pisa), Lavinia Morrone (Accademia delle Belle Arti – Roma), Michela Ceccarini (Istituto Italiano di Moda – Roma). The evening’s winners were announced by the President of Scuderia Ferrari Club Colosseo Roma, Roberto Luongo and selected by an illustrious jury presided over by Aldo Navarro President of Just Italy International, designer Antonella Rossi, scenographic and costume designer Francesco Crivellini, and actress’ Jinny Steffan and Adriana Russo.

20 young designers presented their creations in the first semi-final; these 20 had been selected, from a large number of designers who entered the contest, by a technical committee presided over by the designer Mauro Menichino. A further three groups of 20 will compete for the remaining places in the final.

“Ce2rtainly it wasn’t easy to select the finalists from the large number of well designed creations” declared Antonella Rossi, who arrived at Castelgandolfo immediately after presenting her own collection at the Capannelle Derby, where she also presented the prize for the ‘Best Hat’. She went on to explain that “most of all when one makes a selection in an important contest, such as this, one is sure to delude the expectations of all the other young designers who entered with great enthusiasm and dedication”.

EL0B9150r“Ferrari and Fashion” is an international contest open to young designers in Italy and through out the world. Many reputable fashion schools and academies entered their students, coming from as far as Brazil, Indonesia, United States of America and the Chec Republic.   The objective of the contest is to encourage an exchange of culture and technique between a diverse vision of the world of fashion and the brand Ferrari. With the insertion of the Ferrari trade-mark, synonymous with excellence, luxury and passion; the challenge for the participants was to express their individual creative capacity and talent within the theme “world of Ferrari”.

EL0B9433rFerrari and Fashion” includes a second objective to support and collaborate with the charity Italian Cystic Fibrosis League. One of the opportunities within this collaboration is to donate for charity the proceeds of the sale of the gowns prepared for the contest.

The next appointment (second semi-final) is on the 27th June 2015, at the Parco di Roma Golf Club. The successive semi-finals will be held on: Saturday 4th July at the Olgiata Golf Club and Friday 18th September at the Marco Simone Golf and Country Club.

The Grand Final will be held on Saturday 19th September at the Marco Simone Golf and Country Club.EL0B9496r

The final will be crowned with a Gala Evening of entertainment with a large and diverse number of illustrious guests from the world of fashion, theatre, cinema, television, business and sport, in addition to the special guests from the Embassies who have supported the contest. The jury of the Grand Final are experts and important professionals of the world of fashion and journalism. Six winners will be proclaimed and financial prizes and opportunities to partake in working experiences at important fashion houses will be given by the sponsors.EL0B9092r

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