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Saturday, 19th September – Marco Simone Golf & Country Club

The grand-gala at the conclusion of the International Competition “Fashion Cult” was held at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, Guidonia. This was the first time a fashion competition had been hosted in the club’s suggestive venue and it was acclaimed an enormous success.

The famous Lavinia Biagiotti, as the hostess of the club, opened the evening with a greeting and few words of encouragement to the participants together with Roberto Luongo, President of the Scuderia Ferrari Club, Roma Colosseo, the creator of the Fashion Competition. He in turn presented the 30 young fashion designers who had reached the final of the competition. Each finalist had been selected through four semi-finals held during the summer of 2015 at DSC_2920 I Tre Vincitorithe most prestigious golf clubs in the Roman circuit – among which the Country Club Castelgandolfo, the Parco di Roma Golf & Country Club and the Olgiata Golf Club, all of which also hosted the golf circuit of the “Scuderia Ferrari Club Golf Challenge 2015”.

The collection presented were all originals, created for the event and inspired by the colours and mood of the world of ‘Ferrari’. Spectacular use of experimental fabrics and detailed combination of design and tailoring made the judging extremely difficult considering the diversity of artistic talent employed by the young stylists. The jury of the contest was made up of entrepreneurs, professionals and journalists in the Katrina Siceva 3° classificata con l'Ambasciatore lettone Artis Bertulisworld of fashion, and was presided over by the actress Laura Lattuada. Among the jury were: Mariella Milani (journalist); Roberta Lami (President of the Micol Fontana Foundation); Elio Frasca (Director and Editor of the magazine “Rendez Vous de la Mode”); Linda De Sanctis (journalist); Domenico Gentile (Sixty Group); Cinzia Berto (David Mayer Naman); Aga AbramEva Scala 4° classificata e Francesca Stajanoowicz (Conte of Florence); Ivano Picciarelli (SHARE); Luigi Gallo (President of the European Chamber of Tailors); Mario Napolitano (President of the World Federation of Master Tailors); Sebastiano Di Rienzo (President of the National Academy of Tailors).

After a very difficult selection process the finalists were presented by Roberto Luongo together with the actress Francesca Stajano, the hostess of the evening, (Francesca had just returned from a very successful presentation of her short film “Frammenti” at the Burbank Film Festival in Hollywood, USA)

ThLavinia Biagiotti Cigna e Laura Lattuadae six finalists were:1° Matteo Dal Sasso (Latina, Lazio); 2° Katrina Siceva (Latvia); 3° Letizia Rizzo (Catanzaro, Calabria); 4° Eva Scala (Czech Republic); 5° Luisa Marinucci (Avezzano, Campagna); 6° Simone Bartolotta & Salvatore Martorana (Termini Imerese/Palermo, Sicily).




The first five winners were awarded the possibility of a ‘stage’ at a well-known fashion house among whom: Refrigiwear of the Sixty Group; David Mayer Naman; Conte of Florence; Mia Atelier; SHARE; European Chamber of Tailors and the first three winners were also awarded financial prizes.

Particularly satisfied with the outcome of the competition was the Ambassador of Latvia, H. E. Artis Bertulis, who was among theLavinia Biagiotti, Roberto Luongo
international VIP guests and who jumped up onto the stage to congratulate the Latvian competitor Katrina Siceva who was classified 2nd over all.

Luisa Del Vecchio, the well-known italo-argentine designer, presented a ‘Ferrari’ gown that she created and made especially for this occasion which will be auctioned by the Scuderia Ferrari Club Roma Colosseo, and the proceeds will be donated to the Pediatric Cancer Ward of the hospital Policlinico Umberto I, in Rome to create a childrens playroom.


The guests were entertained bMariella Milani, Roberta Lami, Elio Frascay a fantastic recital of arias from ‘Turandot’ by the soprano Bibiana Carusi who also sang melodies by the composer Francesco Paolo Tosti.

The Contest was particularly grateful to the collaboration of the following:


Simone Bartolotta & Silvano Martorana 2Galgano & Tota Associati, were essential for the rapport with the media and their research and selection of the very high level juries throughout the four semi-finals and for the final of the competition.

‘Rendez Vous de la Mode’ fashion magazine, who were the media-partner for the entire fashion competition.

The whole magical event would have not been such a great success without the following people behind the scenes:

6° classificato Simone Bartolotta & Silvano MartoranaMauro Menichino, who coordinated the models, the presentation and the designers, assisted by the hairstylists and make-up artists from C&G – Culture & Glamour. A company specializing in the total ´look´ for young talent. The brand Lino Muzi provided footwear for the fashion show.

Caroline Chambers, on the Mario Napolitano e Sebastiano Di Rienzo, Luigi Gallostaff of the Scuderia Ferrari Club Roma Colosseo, co-ordinated the logistics of the events and the final gala evening along with the responsibility for the young stylists throughout the competition. Also responsible for institutional relations, tireless in the relations with the many embassies and international institutions that have granted their patronage and essential part of the organization of the whole event.

Bruna Mojani, on the staff of the Scuderia Ferrari Club Roma Colosseo, who made the event possible through her research for and coordination with the sponsors, also collaborating with the logistical suppliers Mobilipallet and the scenografic presentations by Italia Events.Roberto Luongo Mara Maiani Francesca Stajano GIO_7624

Giancarlo Ferri, thanks to his invaluable experience in the world of fashion, looked after the public relations and co-orBibiana Carusi GIO_7525dination with the professionals involved back-stage and externally representing the club.

 Caroline Chambers

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